Thursday, December 22, 2005


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Two weeks ago, we went on a team outing from Kodiak. We stayed at Silent Valley Resorts which is on the route to Kudremukh. The highlight of the trip was the trek to BallalRayanaDurga peak. This is a moderate trek that can be done in about 2 to 3 hours if you know the trail. We took longer than that due to a small misadventure. A cowherd warned us in time that the trail we were attempting initially was dangerous. The views from the top were spectacular. There is a dilapilated fort at the top. It looked like it is a popular camping spot though there wasn't anyone else doing the trek on the day we went. If you are interested, book a cottage at Silent Valley Resorts and ask anyone there to guide you. The trek starts at Horekhan estate which is about 20 km from the resort. The trekking trail continues beyond BallalRayanaDurga to Bandaje falls. We didn't attempt this part since we were already late and the cowherd had warned us about bears and bisons on the trail.

The resort is pretty good. The pool looks inviting in the pictures but it was quite dirty during our stay. We plunged in despite the muck and the frogs and had a good time. Kamath and Ramu couldn't see much without their glasses. I guess I could've enjoyed as much as they did without my 20/20 vision.

The complete photo album is on my flickr page.