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BMTC Bus Guide for HSR Layout


The route timing information on buses from/to HSR sector 2 may not be correct. I rarely use those routes now after switching to BIA-7A and G-2 for my commute to Trinity Circle.

Last updated: Oct 24, 2013.

Route Finders

Use any of these route finders to get up to date information on bus routes in Bangalore:
Google Transit has BMTC routes in it now. Searching for directions in Google Maps give you pretty good BMTC route information. Also found http://bmtcroutes.in/. 

Here's a list of all bus routes I know of from within HSR Layout. There are many more bus routes that pass through Agara and along the ring road adjoining HSR Layout. You can use the airport Volvo buses to travel within city limits (up to Hebbal) at normal Volvo fares (sometime Rs 10 more than normal Volvo fares).

Bus Routes
340A/M: From Parangipalya (HSR sector 2), NIFT, CPWD Quarters, 19th main, HSR Depot, Police Station, Agara, Koramangala last stop, St. John's/Forum (Staples side), Dairy Circle/Christ College, Lakkasandra, Wilson Garden, ShantiNagar/Double Road, Richmong Circle (below flyover), Corporation, Majestic.
Volvo/Marcopolo 340A: Seen occasionally. Follows the same route as 340A/M.

If you are near Mantri Sarovar or HSR BDA complex, there are many Volvos starting out from HSR depot in the mornings (between 7 and 8) to Majestic. They leave the depot near Mantri Sarovar, head to BDA complex signal via ring road, turn right there and go towards Koramangala last stop and St. John's. These buses return to the depot in the evenings with the Depot-25 sign on them. You may also find them using the "Silk Board (via HSR Layout)" or "Agara" boards.

340F: Same route as 340A/M till double road. Morning trips go to Mysore bank and Vidhan Soudha. Other trips go via Richmond bus stop (near Cash pharmacy on residency road), Ashirvadam junction, SBI, Anil Kumble Circle, ShivajiNagar.

340C: Same route as 340A/M till Lakkasandra. Goes towards ISRO Layout via Ashoka pillar, Jayanagar. Low frequency. I don't know if this route still exists. Haven't seen it in a while.

340: Goes to K R Market. Same route as 340A/F till Lakkasandra. Goes straight towards K R Market after that. Rarely seen these days. Route 340 terminates at Agara sometimes. Always check if you want to go to sector 2 on this one.

340K: Starts from SomasundaraPalya, comes to Parangipalya and goes to K R Market following the same route as 340. Low frequency. There's one heading to HSR at about 6:50 pm via Agara.

348F: Starts from Agara depot, comes via CPWD Quarters, NIFT to Parangipalya, towards HSR BDA complex, joins ring road at BDA junction, silk board, Madivala and continues on the same route as 340A/M. Sometimes starts from Parangipalya (HSR 2nd sector). Seen every half an hour in the mornings. There's a regular one at 8:20 am from CPWD quarters. Generally faster at getting to Majestic than 340A/M from ParangiPalya. These days I see this plying without a number (just a Vidhan Soudha board).

There are other 348 series routes that start from MangammanaPalya (near Salarpuria apartments in HSR Sector 7). These buses go via HSR 5th Main to ring road, silk board, Hosur road, Madivala, Dairy circle, Lakkasandra and on to Majestic via same route as 340 A/M.

340S: Starts from Parangipalya. Same route as 340A/M till St. Johns. Goes towards Adugodi on Hosur road via Forum (Raheja Arcade side), Adugodi, Langford road junction (Prestige Elgin), Johnson Market, Vellara junction, St. Patrick's Church, SBI, Bowring Institute/St. Mark's Road, Anil Kumble Circle/MG Road, ShivajiNagar.

141K: CPWD quarters to ShivajiNagar via Agara, Jakkasandra, Koramangala last stop, Sony World Junction, National Games Village, Ejipura junction/VivekNagar, Austin Town, Vellara Junction, ShivajiNagar. Rarely seen. I think there's one trip in the mornings at around 8:30 am and another in the evening.

Volvo BIAS-7: HSR BDA complex, Jakkasandra, Koramangala last stop (1st block), Madivala Market, Forum/Checkpost (Staples side), Dairy cirle/Christ College, Lakkasandra, Wilson Garden, ShantiNagar Bus Station/Double Road, Richmond Bus Stop/Cash Pharmacy, M G Road and on to Bangalore Airport via Hebbal. Hourly service. Usually starts at XX:15 (6:20, 7:20, 8:20 and so on) from HSR.

Volvo BIAS-7A: This is the route I'm using these days to get to my office on Ulsoor road. HSR BDA complex, Jakkasandra, Koramangala last stop (1st block), right via Wipro to Sony World Junction, right towards Domlur via Koramangala inner ring road, Dell, Embassy Golf Links, Hero Honda, left at Domlur to join old airport road, Command Hospital, Trinity Circle, Taj Hotel, Ulsoor Road, Indian Express/GPO, Palace Grounds and on Bangalore Airport via Hebbal. Hourly service. Usually starts on time at XX:40 or XX:50 (6:40 am, 7:40 am, 8:50 am, 9:50 am and so on) from HSR BDA complex. In the return direction, you can get BIA-7A from Trinity Circle at about 4:50 pm 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. It's hard for them to stick to the schedule though and these buses sometimes get delayed by 15 to 20 minutes on the return trip. These buses pass inner ring road near Dell at around 5:10 pm, 6:15 pm and 7:15 pm in the evenings. Most of them will only stop at the bus stop next to Hero Motors near Dell.

BIAS Volvo typical fares: Rs. 205 to the airport from HSR. Rs. 50 to M G Road from HSR. Rs. 35 to Dell/EGL from HSR.

K-3: HSR BDA complex to Basaveshwaranagar via Koramangala, St. Johns, Dairy Circle, Jayanagar, Basavangudi and Vijayanagar.

K-5: HSR BDA complex to Mallasandra via Jakkasandra, Koramangala Sony World junction, Adugodi, Double road, Malleswaram and Jalahalli.

Depot-25: In the afternoons and evenings you might see some buses with boards displaying "Depot-25" or "Agara Depot". These buses terminate at Agara and go on to the BMTC bus depot near Mantri Sarovar apartments.

Silk Board (Via HSR Layout): Commonly seen in the evenings along ring road (BTM, Jayadeva side). The board is misleading. They don't terminate at Silk Board. These buses terminate at the BMTC depot near Mantri Sarovar.

CPWD Qaurters: There are some services from/to CPWD quarters without route numbers. Usually seen in the mornings and evenings. These go to Vidhan Soudha and roughly follow the route taken by 340F in the mornings.

Other options from Agara and Ring Road

342 series (Market/Majestic/ShivajiNagar to Sarjapur and surroundings), 341 series (Market/Majestic/ShivajiNagar to Bellandur, Haralur and surroundings) touch Agara. These go via Jakkasandra, Koramangala last stop, Madivala checkpost, Dairy circle/Christ College.

Volvo 500N: Comes from Vijayanagar via Dairy circle, Forum (Staples side), St. John's, Koramangala last stop (1st block), Jakkasandra, Agara and heads to ITPL via ring road.

500 series ply on the ring road and are available from various bus stops adjoining HSR Layout (Silk board, BDA junction, Agara). There are Volvo buses on these routes (500 A and 500 D: Banadshankari/Silk board to Hebbal), 500K, C, L (Vijaynagar, Silk board to ITPL via ring road).

BIAS 8: Electronics City to Bangalore Airport via Silk board, Agara, Marathahalli, K R Puram railway station, Ramamurthy Nagar junction to Hebbal and airport. If you are heading to the airport, BIA-7 and BIA-7A reach faster since the ring road is as congested as the inner city areas these days.

BIAS 8A: terminates at BTM instead of Electronics City.

BIG-10-2 or G-2: There's a BIG-10 route between Sarjapur and Bridade Road/Mayo Hall that passes through Agara. Route details: Sarjapura, Dommasandra, Kaikondanahalli, Spring Fields Apartments, Iblur, Agara, Jakkasandra, Koramangala last stop, right turn towards Sony World signal, straight to Koramangala depot, National Games Village, Passport Office, 80 ft peripheral road, Lower Agaram Road/Vivek Nagar, right turn to Victoria Road, left to Trinity Church road, Trinity Circle, MG Road, Mayo Hall. These buses start from Mayo hall (near ICICI bank) in the reverse direction. This route is pretty good except for the congestion near Sony World. These days, you can find G-2 running late into the night from Mayo hall (I have used it at around 9 pm).

Here's how to get to some locations from HSR
Majestic/Double Road: 340A/M, 348F - direct route. 340F: Go up to double road and change to any Majestic bus. 340/340K/340C: Go up to Lakkasandra and change to any Majestic bus. BIAS 7 from BDA complex (till Double Road). 348 series from sector 6/7.

Market, Lalbaugh, Kalasipalya: 340/340K go direct. Otherwise use any bus to Agara and switch from there. There are [lenty of buses from Bellandur/Sarjapur road (341, 342 series) that go to Market. You can also go up to Lakkasandra and change from there. Don't wait for the direct bus to these places since they are rare.

ShivajiNagar, St. Mark's road, Richmond, Residency Road, MG Road side: 340F/S are the direct routes (morning trip goes via Vidhan Soudha though). Don't wait specifically for these routes if you see a 340 A/M ready to go. Go up to Double Road on 340A/M and change to ShivajiNagar buses (13, 20, 27, 34, 210 etc.) from there. Another option is to switch at Madivala to the Big-10 bus from Electronics city (G-3) that goes to St. Patrick's Church (near Brigade road).

Mayo hall, Manipal Center, Taj hotel/Lido: BIAS 7A goes to Trinity circle and gets there in about half an hour to 45 minutes. Other option is to go towards Double road, change to ShivajiNagar buses (13, 20, 34, 210) to Richmond bus stop (just after the double road flyover) and change to bus numbers between 304 and 319 to get to Lido mall.

Dell/EGL/Domlur/Inner ring road/Indiranagar side: BIAS-7A goes to Domlur. Another option is to take any 340 series bus to Madivala/Koramangala water tank and change to 201 series from there (some 201 series buses turn left at Sony World, always check). Yet another option is to change to 171 series from Koramangala last stop and change again to 201 series at Sukh Sagar/Sony World.

ITPL/Ring road towards Marathahalli: Get to Agara and change to 500 series buses from there.

Sarjapur road/Wipro corporate office: 342 series/G-2 from Agara.

Electronics-city/Bommanahalli: Get to Agara and use 500 series to get to silk board. Walk on to hosur road and get 356, 360 series from there. BIAS-8 and 505 passing via Agara go directly.

BTM/Jayanagar/Mysore road side: Change to 500 series from Agara. Many of them go up to Banashankari bus station passing through BTM, Jayadeva.

Getting to HSRWhen you need to get to HSR layout, the best approach is to first get to major bus stops like St. John's or Agara that have many routes passing through them. This increases your chances of getting a bus that goes all the way to HSR layout. All 340 series buses to HSR pass through St. John's, so it's a good changeover point. Route numbers between 340 and 362 pass through St. John's. All routes from 340 to 342 from St. John's pass through Agara. There are also some buses to Sarjapur that start from St. John's.

G-3 buses starting from Brigade road touch St. John's. These buses are very frequent in the evenings.

201 series that you get from Domlur or Trinity Circle go through the Koramangala Water tank bus stop from where you can get 340/A/C/F/M/K/S.

If you are in ShivajiNagar bus station and don't see 340F or 340S there don't wait for them. Get on to a route like 362C or 342 to get to St. John's or Agara. If you don't find any routes between 340 and 362 at Shivajinagar, use 13, 20, 34, 37 or 365 series to ShantiNagar/Double road from where you'll get plenty of buses (340 to 360) that will go to St. John's. At St. John's you'll get any of 340/A/C/F/M/K/S to HSR.

Changing multiple buses like this often gets you home faster when compared to waiting for a direct bus (using direction based routes instead of specific destination based routes). Having a daily pass is very convenient if you need to switch between multiple buses. Daily passes cost Rs. 45 (Rs. 40 if you buy a BMTC identity card for Rs. 25) and can be used on any BMTC bus expect the Volvo services. BIG-10 buses also accept daily passes. Volvo buses have a daily pass available for Rs. 90. These passes can be used on all services except the BIA buses. Month pass charges range from about Rs 660 for ordinary buses to Rs. 1300 for Volvo buses.

I'll update this with maps when I find the time.


renju said...

very useful information. Thanks a lot !

rs said...

no buses to electronic city from 27th main?

Anonymous said...

Very useful information for HSR layout residents.

Thanks for compiling this.

binux said...

rs: There are no direct buses to E-city from 27th main. You will have to go to Agara/BDA complex junction/SI aparments:
* If you are lucky you will get route 505 or BIAS-8 that go to electronics city via ring road. They are infrequent, but BIAS buses generally run on schedule.
* Hop on to any 500 series buses on the ring road and go to silk board. Walk towards Hosur road on the left. There are plenty of buses from there to E-city (Volvos, Big-10).

Praja admin said...

Very informative and exhaustive. Can you please post this also on Praja?
-Praja admin

Anonymous said...

i stay near parangipalya and found this info really useful! thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

It should be BIAL ..not BIAS!

binux said...

BMTC started with BIAS (for Bangalore Internation Airport Service). They use both BIAL and BIAS interchangeably on the boards now.

binux said...

To Praja Admin: Feel free to post this information on your forum. Please do include a link back to this post since I plan to update it for new routes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. Hope the info is absolute, pertaining to BIAS 7 and 7A.

binux said...

I will update this as often as I can. If you are planning to use the Volvo to the airport, please do call up the control room numbers listed in the BMTC site (BIAL/BIAS page) for more information. I used BIAS-8 for an early morning flight sometime ago. The control room gave me the mobile number of the traffic controller at Electronics city from where BIAS-8 originates. I called up at 3:15 am that night and was able to confirm that the 3:20 am BIAS-8 volvo was on schedule. The controller also gave me the approximate time at which the bus would arrive at Marathahalli junction. I would advise you to do the same thing to make sure you don't get stranded in case there are any changes in the schedule.

Sridhar said...

I have heard there is a bus to Children's hospital in Rajarajeshwari Nagar from HSR Layout. Do you know what number bus this is?

Anonymous said...

Very useful information. Thankyou Binux.

binux said...

Sridhar: I don't know of any direct route to Rajarajeshwari Nagar from HSR. You can check with the bus drivers/conductors at Parangipalya or Mangammanpalya to see if there is any direct route. You can also check with the BMTC call center. If you get any new information, do let me know; I'll post it here. In the absence of a direct route you can try 500 series from Agara/BDA complex/SI (Fernhill apartments) to Banashankari and get a connecting bus from there.

Anonymous said...

Please mention "500 N" volvo bus timing from christ college to ITPL(Morning) and ITPL to christ college (Evening)

binux said...

Click the 500-N link here for the timings: http://www.bmtcinfo.com/english/volvo.htm. Can't say how accurate the timings on the site are though.

bhavna said...

hey binu......can u pls let me knwthe buses and their numbers and the timings goin frm hsr layout to sanjaynagar (direct buses) and back from sanjaynagar to hsr. If not r there any connecting buses somewhere?

Chandan said...

hi how accurate is the btis.in site? For instance it doesn't list Shanthinagar as a stop for 340A/M.

Basically i wan't buses from wilson garden to Divyashree chambers (or something walkable to there) and from wilson garden to M G Road

Binoi said...

hi binu, thanks for the information.

can you please tell me which is the best route from millers road to madiwala check post or christ university including bus number.

i'm just new at Bangalore

binux said...

Bhavna: I don't know of any direct route to SanjayNagar from HSR. The airport Volvos (BIAS 7 and 7A) that start from HSR BDA complex (half and hour frequency) pass through SanjayNagar junction on Bellary road after Mekhri circle. You can switch to Sanjay Nagar buses from there. The other option is to go to Majestic or ShivajiNagar from HSR and change to SanjayNagar buses from there. You can use the BTIS site to look for buses towards SanjayNagar from Majestic (KBS) and ShivajiNagar. Search for buses to Geddalahalli and Nagashettihalli.

binux said...

Chandan: The BTIS site seems to be relying on the data on bmtcinfo.com. The interface on BTIS is far better. The route information is outdated in some cases. The 340M route for example is completely wrong. Most of the other routes are accurate though, it's just that only the major stage points are listed. For example, the 340A route lists Corporation after Wilson Garden Police Station skipping the stops at ShantiNagar bus station and Double Road (K H Road).

To get to DivyaShree Chambers, you can use any bus from Wilson garden towards Majestic. Get down at the double road bus stop and walk from there. Some of these buses might drop you at Richmond circle too but there's no official bus stop there.

To get to MG Road, use any of the buses to ShivajiNagar from ShantiNagar or Double road (Double road stop is better). Route numbers are 13, 20, 27, 34, 37, 210. These buses touch MG Road at the intersection with St. Mark's Road. To get to the Trinity Circle side, change to any bus with route number between 304 and 320 from Richmond bus stop (near Cash Pharmacy).

binux said...

Binoi: I'm not familiar with routes around Miller's road. You should try to get to Indian Express junction first. Buses passing through Cantonment bus stop to ShivajiNagar will go that way. From Indian Express you can use 20, 27, 34, 37, 201 to get to Double road. Switch to any number between 340 and 360 to get to Christ College/St. John's/Madivala Checkpost from there.

Musafir said...

Thank u , the information that u gave was exhaustive and very usefull.
Thanks u again

Musafir said...

Hey binu

Do u know if there is a direct bus from Nift or Agara Junction to Inner ring road - dell office

binux said...

Musafir: There are no direct buses from NIFT/Agara to inner ring road. Many 201 series buses go via inner ring road towards Domlur. These buses come via BTM layout, Silk Board junction, Madivala, Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala Water Tank, Koramangala BDA complex, Sukh Sagar, Sony World. If you can get to any of those stops you can switch.
Big-10-3 from Agara will get you to directly to Sony World junction. 144K from CPWD Qarters (one trip in the mornings at around 8:30) also goes to Sony World. BIAS 7-A from HSR BDA complex goes to inner ring road. Try to get to Koramangala last stop/Jakkasandra at 8:50 am or 9:50 am and you will be able to get it. 348F passes NIFT (there's one at around 8:25 am) and goes towards HSR BDA complex.

Anonymous said...

great work!! thanks for all this info. People like you make this world a better place.

Rathi said...

Really useful information.. How to go to banergatta park.

Anonymous said...

Great work! Thanks a lot......

binux said...

Rathi: Use 340 A/C/F/M/K up to NIMHANS (stop after the Dairy Circle flyover). Cross over to the other side of the road and use 365 (ordinary or Volvo) to get to Bannerghatta. If you don't mind an additional hop, you can get to Jayadeva flyover using any of the ring road buses (500 series) from Agara and change to 365 from there.

Anonymous said...

Are there Direct Buses from Ecospace to Koramangala Forum or Christ College?
Could you tell me abt the frequency.
Thnx in advance

binux said...

From Ecospace/Bellandur to Forum/Christ College: Check out 341 series (some of them turn towards Bellandur). 500N Volvo goes that way too. Frequency will not be good. Using 500 series to Iblur/Agara and changing over to 340/341/342 series will get you there faster.

Vasudha.dilip said...

Thanxxxxxxx a ton for this info...I have been trying to get this from BMTC website for a long long time....but all my tries have been futile....great job keep it up...btw, can you please tell mehow far will it be to walk from mayohall stop to garuda mall from the mayo hall busstop. My office is right next to garuda mall...can you suggest any other stop that I should consider. I will be coming from SArjapur road (kaikondrahlli) to mayohall using BIG-10. Also. are big 10 buses regular.

binux said...

Vasudha: Mayo Hall is very close to Garuda Mall. The Sarjapur BIG-10 terminates near ICICI bank, close to Garuda Mall. The buses are regular, but if you miss the last bus at around 6 pm from ICICI bank, there are no other buses towards Sarjapur from there. There are a couple of BIG-10 buses after 6, but they terminate at Koramangala Depot.

Anonymous said...

Is there any direct bus from Lifestyle(garudamall) to Bellandur.

binux said...

Looks like a bus guide to the central business district is required too. Big-10 starting from ICICI bank near Garuda Mall goes via HOSMAT and Lower Agaram road to Sarjapur road. It is an option until 6 in the evening. Switch from Agara to go to Bellandur.

There's also 201 series that goes to Koramangala water tank from where you'll get 341 series to Bellandur. 201 comes from Trinity Circle side via Police Housing Quarters and LifeStyle/Sapphire Toys to join Richmond road. It turns left into Mother Teresa road and goes via Lower Agaram road to Koramangala.

Karun said...

I have seen Volvo bus (340T) passing through BDA complex taking left at ring road signal towards Silk Board, last week. We are waiting for direct bus to Jayanagar 4th block thru' BTM & Jayanagr 9th block for a long time. Visited BMTC Volvo site. There is no information on 340 T on the schedule.

Anonymous said...

340T is from HSR BDA complex to Basveshwara nagar ... am not sure abt th timings ,in case anyone finds out pls post it

Anonymous said...

340T actually starts from CPWD quarters. I have used it a few times last week... from HSR (ring road signal) around 8.30 am and around 4.30 pm.
It takes the BTM - Jayanagar 4th Block - Ashoka Pillar route.

Anonymous said...

Very useful. Thanks.

Sanjay Kumar said...

Hi Binu, This is Sanjay from Kodiak. I want to come from BEL circle to Saint Marks Road by bus -Please suggest the bust route.

Thanks and best wishes

Sanjay Kumar said...

Is there any site where we can find bmtc from and to information.

binux said...

Sanjay: Try looking up the routes here: http://btis.in/bus

Look up buses from BEL circle to Shivajinagar. You will have to walk from ShivajiNagar to St. Marks road. On the way back, you can get buses to Shivaji Nagar from the Residency road bus stop (13, 20, 27, 34).

Going via Majestic will take longer but if you want to try that, bus numbers from 304 to 335 from Majestic will go via Residency road.

Anonymous said...

hi to all,,,,
can anybody suggest the bus number from btm layout or banerghatta to mg road(garuda mall)

nisha said...

hi..do u know which bus no goes to richmond road from hsr layout..i stay near bda complex. my destination is richmond hotel.are there direct buses? which stop to get down and where to board the bus from hsr and also pls give timings? thank you in advance..pls help at the earliest possible.

Gaurav Malik said...

I was looking fwd to reading such a thing like yours on the blogs. and i found it !!

your piece of work has saved a lot many travelers like me esp when that damned bmtc website doesn't work.

thank you , keep up & the good work

Gaurav Malik
HSR Layout


Jo-T's-naa SEE said...

I GOT the GUTS to use BUSES after seeing your blog, I stay in HSR and using BIAL 7 regularly, HATS OFF to u , gr8 info...

Anonymous said...

I want your help. I wanted to know the bus route for HSR-Cambridge school to EC.

Also how to go to Jayanagar 4th T block from HSR - Cambridge school?

Magnum Opus said...

I stay near somasudarapalya power station. next to aishwarya apts. I need to malleshwaram to work. please guide me.


Magnum Opus said...

I stay near purva apart near parangipalya. I need to travel every day to majestic for work can u pls help me the bus route. I prefer to travel in volvo buses.
i need timings of volvo bus from and to paragipalya to majestic and back

binux said...

Nisha: The best option is BIAS-7. Starts from BDA complex with an hourly schedule. It goes to Richmond circle. Buses to Majestic go up to Double Road/K H Road. Richmond circle is a short walk from there. These buses pass through the BDA junction signal these days due to diversions at Agara. You can also change buses at St. John's/Madivala and use the Big-10 buses from there to get to Vallara junction and walk from there. On the way back, use either Big-10 buses from Vellara junction or walk down to Double road and use the 340 series buses listed in the post.

binux said...

Anonymous: Which Cambridge school are you referring to? For EC, go though the post and another comment reply for the details. If you walk up to Fooddays, you can get BIAS-8 or 505 series to EC direct or you could get into other 500 series buses and change over at silk board junction to 356/360 series. If you are close to ParangiPalya, use 340 series buses to get to BDA signal and change from there.

binux said...

Magnum Opus: Don't rely exclusively on Volvo buses. They are not frequent enough from HSR. Use 340A/M or 340T (Volvo) to get to Majestic. You can switch to Volvo routes 356 or 360 from Forum to Majestic. Almost all routes from Parangipalya can get you there. In the mornings, there are lots of buses starting out from HSR depot towards Majestic. 340T timings are not listed anywhere yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Binu,

I was refering to Cambridge Publlic school in HSR layout near to IBP Petrol pump.

So I wanted to know how to reach Jayanagar 4th T block or close by from this school.

Also can you tell me the timings of the BIAS 8 and 505 that you mentioned for going to EC.How frequent is this buses?

binux said...

505 and BIAS-8 are not very frequent. Don't wait specifically for those buses unless you get familiar with their timings. The best option is to go to Silk Board junction and change buses from there to EC.

Your nearest bus stop is at ParangiPalya. 348F from ParangiPalya goes to Majestic via Silk Board. 340T also goes via Silk Board. 340T touches JayaNagar too (not sure about 4th T block). If you don't find these buses at Parangipalya, walk further to Foodday's/CPWD junction or use any of the other buses to get there. From Foodday's, the 500 series buses will get you to Silk Board or JayaNagar. The 500 series, 505 and BIAS-8 buses will not touch Foodday's after the traffic diversions for Agara flyover are lifted.

Anonymous said...

i want to know the bus no and timings from madiwala checkpost to cantonment.will you plz tell me?

Vijay said...

Hi Binu,

Gr8 Info !

Just checking. Saw that you been to Bison Wells. Wanted some information on it. Can you share your email so I can ask you further ?


Kachin Agarwal said...

Hey very useful info.

I need to travel from Sonyworld Junction (Koramangala 4th block ) to Bangalore Cantonment Station. Which bus can i take??

Kishor said...

I need bus from Bommanahalli junction, NH7 highway to SP road/ BDA complex Indira nagar

mohit said...


Anonymous said...

For getting to Christ University( it is still a deemed university, not a college) please take BIAS-7 from the airport.

divz said...

very useful information.. thanx yaar :)

hari prasanna said...

Please can u let us know whether there are any bus from
1.arekere to Electronic city(staright or joining route bus)
2.arekere to indira nagar

Gaurav Malik said...

>1.arekere to Electronic city(staright or joining route bus)
>2.arekere to indira nagar

1. From arekere , i dont think there is any direct bus .. you would need to break ur journey , by first coming down to silk board (lots of buses) and then walking across by foot to reach the other side of flyover and catching another one to Hsr (almost all buses go to hsr from silk board)

2. From arekere, first goto Koramangla inner Ring road and then from there catch another one to indranagr .

Anonymous said...

You said u r catching BIAS 7A to go to office,while coming back you will get into same ,I just want to know how easy to get into this one in evngs near Dell ,IRR.
Your info is very useful to us,thanks a lot..

Sony said...

Hi Binu...Great work...You seem to be a walking talking encyclopedia on BMTC bus routes.
Do you know the nos & timings of buses from Sarjapur road (Kaikondanahalli) to Shantinagar bus station or KR Market? The BMTC website does not seem to be updated with the latest bus routes & timings.

binux said...

Last week, I tried BIAS 7A on the way back. Used G1 from Trinity circle to Domlur and waited there. There are buses that reach Domlur at about 8:05 pm and 9:05 pm from the airport. I don't know if the ones at 6 and 7 pm can keep good time but you can try them. Please add a comment here if they are on time.

@Sony: Don't bother looking up route timings for the Sarjapur road buses. There are plenty of them that will go via ShantiNagar. The frequency is pretty good. Most buses on the Sarjapur route (342 series) go towards K R Market. The ones going to Majestic/KBS also touch ShantiNagar. Buses towards ShivajiNagar may go either via Adugodi or via ShantiNagar (check). On the way back, hop into any bus that goes towards St. Johns (lots of them to Electronics City) and change buses from there. There are buses starting from there to Sarjapur and the frequency is pretty good.

binux said...

@Vijay: binuks - gmail

Nisha said...

Hi Binu
I live in somasandrapalya(near power station & sobha dafodil) & facing a tough time reaching to my office on old airport road.BIAS 7a timings doesnt match with my timings.
Can you suggest me a shorter way of travelling by 340 series bus.Also,Once i boarded 340E or 340A from Harlur Hanuman Mandir but not sure about the bus route.
Another thing is I am following the route of Kodihalli(where my offc is)--->Marathalli----?Sarjapur Signal--->340E or A

Can you suggest me or help me out pls

binux said...

@Nisha: You can try this route: Domlur flyover -> Inner ring road -> Koramangala Sony World/LifeStyle Junction -> Koramangala water tank -> Koramangala last stop -> Parangipalya

You will have to change buses a lot and walk at some of these interchanges. Using a bus pass will be a good idea.

You will have to walk towards the flyover landing on innner ring road (to the left if you are coming from Kodihalli). Buses from Kodihalli stop over at Domlur flyover though it's not an official bus stop (can save you half the walk). All buses go towards Sony world junction/Koramangala water tank from the bus stop at the landing. G-3 goes via Sony World junction to Koramangala last stop and Agara. 171 series go towards Koramangala last stop from there. Alternatively, you can go up to Koramangala water tank. 340 A/M/F/C/K touch Koramangala water tank and Koramangala last stop. The bust stop at Koramangala water tank junction is a bit chaotic though.

Anonymous said...

Which buses should I take from Koramangala sony world signal going to vidhan soudha,visveshrya museum,cubbon park,carriappa park?

shruthi said...

Hey... Need a favor! i need to get to Sector IV, 17th B cross, 19th main of HSR layout.. From Wilson Garden. Help me with this.. i need it asap. Got to go moro..

binux said...

340 A/M/F passes ShantiNagar bus station, Wilson Garden police station, 11th cross and Lakkasandra. Parangipalya should be close enough to 19th main and 17th cross. You can also use 341/342 series buses till Agara and hire and auto from there.

SriNotes said...

Any information on the new bus 341H that goes thru Haralur road to E-City. USeful for residents near Somasundar Palya (Sobha Daffodil, ND etc.)

Anonymous said...

First of all , Thanks a lot for this usefull information, and mainly getting back to all those queries.
I am at HSR alyout and my office is at Ulsoor Police station. I want to know where is the bus stop for these 2 points if I take BIAS 7A from HSR.

binux said...

@SriNotes: I'm not familiar with the routes around Haralur road.

BIAS-7A: The bus stop in HSR is right in front of BDA complex. For Ulsoor police station, you can get down at Trinity Circle. On the way back from Ulsoor, you will be better off using 201 series from the bus stop near Lido to get to Koramangala water tank and switching to 340 series from there. BIAS 7A doesn't touch Trinity cirle on the way back and the timing is variable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! appriciate for the quick response for BIAS7a info. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi binu..i recently shifted to hsr 2 nd sector, 25 th main,26 th cross, near purva fairmont..i work in electronics city.I m totally confused about the routes! On the way to office , i go to agara from 24 th main and get down at agara.Then i take any of the 500 series to silk board. From silk board,i take a g2 to ec. But on the way back ,i find it more difficult. I get down at silk board and try to retrace the same path by getting down at agara. But unfortunately there are no buses to hsr 2 nd sector or parangi palya from agara. Once i got down at hsr bda complex and i din find a bus from there too. Kindly guide me on a proper bus route :)No volvos .. bmtc buses alone would suffice :)

binux said...

Buses to Parangipalya take this route due to the flyover work at Agara: Koramangala last stop, Jakkasandra, right turn at Agara lake junction, BDA junction via Green View hospital road, left turn at BDA junction to ring road/Mantri Sarovar, right turn into HSR layout at Nanda's restaurant. If you get down at BDA signal, wait on the left side of the road coming from Koramangala. Buses coming that way either go to Parangipalya or HSR depot.

Getting back to HSR layout late in the evenings is always difficult. Buses from ShivajiNagar, Majestic and Vidhan Soudha get bunched up and all of them reach HSR between 6 and 6:30 pm. After that, the frequency is very low. BMTC should rather run a frequent shuttle service between HSR and Koramangala last stop.

Anonymous said...

kindly let me know of bus services from richmond circle(bangalore to koramangala 1st block

binux said...

Walk to Double Road bus stop (at the end of the flyover ramp towards Lalbagh) from Richmond circle. 171 series, buses routes 340 to 342 and buses heading to Agara depot (depot 25) go through Koramangala first block. You can use bus routes 13, 20, 27, 34 and 210 to go from the stop under Richmond flyover to the Double Road bus stop.

Kameswari said...

hy.. ur page is the best!! directionally challenged people like me will surely have some hope now..
I'm looking for a way to get to sarjapur from the blore int. airport by bus.. can u suggest a route.. thanx a ton binu.. g

binux said...

NH 207 seems to connect BIA to Sarjapur but there are no buses along that route. If you want to use one of the BIA buses, BIA-8 and BIA-8A can drop you off at the junction of Sarjapur road and outer ring road. You will have to change to 342 series buses (mostly ordinary buses and occasional A/C Marco Polos) to get to Sarjapur from there.

Anonymous said...

hi, Im new to Bangalore, My office is at secretariat, MS building. i am going to shift my house to hSr layout, cpwd quarters.

I have taken a monthly volvo pass.
Pl guide me how i could reach to Mysorebank , in the mornings & how to reach CPWD qrs, Eveings.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Also Pl tell me, since i have volvo pass of 1300, i can board BIAS?, or separately i have to pay for that.

Its okay for me to change the busses since i go home early.


binux said...

CPWD quarters is well connected to Vidhan Soudha. You have direct buses connecting the two places. There is a bus to Vidhan Soudha that starts from CPWD quarters at about 8:20 am. Go near Food days at about 8:15 am and check with other commuters for the exact timings in the mornings. Also find out about where the return trip starts from in the evenings. Most of the passengers in 340 A/M in the evenings are residents of CPWD quarters. Get talking to them and you will get better information than what I can provide.

Vajra passes (Rs. 80 daily pass and Rs. 1300 monthly pass) are not accepted on BIAS routes. You won't find much use for a Vajra pass along your route.

binux said...

Forgot this: You can use your Volvo pass on the 342 series Marco Polo A/C buses from Sarjapur to Majestic. These go through the CPWD quarters stop to Majestic/Mysore bank till the diversions for Agara flyover are on. You can't use that in the return direction though.

Anonymous said...

Please let me know if there is direct bus from Sarjapur Road(from Total Mall) to EC(wipro office).

Thanks and Regards
Abhinay Kumar

Pramod said...

Hi Binu,

I am staying at BTM near by Udapi garden, I will have to reach to the new airport(not sure the name of airport) around 5 PM.
Can you please suggest the routr and Ac bus number.

Thanks in advance,

binux said...

Use BIAS 8A or 12 from BTM.:

recognization said...

very useful information!!!

Anonymous said...

pls give me buses number and stopping names.

Am staying near to bda complex and i have to go to wipro sarjapur office.


binux said...

BDA complex to Wipro Sarjapur:
Go to BDA signal on the ring road. Board any 500 series bus and get to Agara (1 stop away).
Switch to any 342 series bus from Agara and get down at Wipro office gate (between Kaikondanahalli and Doddakannalli). I don't know the name of the stop if there is one at Wipro.

Anonymous said...

thanks dude...


praneeth said...

can u specify the route and bus no from BTM layout 2nd stage to majestic

Anonymous said...

Which bus goes from Parangipalya to Sarjapur Road i.e. near MK. Retail.

Sanjay Kumar said...

I am looking for a good home stay in Chikamaglur. Can anyone help in this regard in helping me with his or her experience. Thanks, Sanjay

chippu said...

please tell me the bus number which traverse between Domlur bus depot and Silk board junction :)

Anonymous said...

hi binu,

need your help.

Pls tell me what bus goes from BDA complex to 100 Feet Ring Road Banashankari 3rd Stage.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can any1 plz tel me the buses frm Majestic to HSR layout sector1(near Cambridge public school). Can i use the bus 340A/M frm majastic to hsr layout bda complex. Is it walkable distance to cambrige school.

Anonymous said...

i stay near Jayanagar 4th block, how do i get to HSR layout BDA complex

Thnx in advance.

BALA said...

hi .. pls anyone tell me the bus no for hsr layout bda complex to manipal hospital/ leela palace , old airport road apart from BIAL...

Anonymous said...

Hi. i m new in blor n want to go jayanagar 4 T block from jakkasandra. please help.

Anonymous said...

kindly let me know how to reach k.r. puram from ejipura signal or sony world signal by bus.


kaak said...

Awesome!...I never thpught plying by bus for techies or so to such distances is done....the filth of majestic is quite discouraging but there must be lot of ways...

I guess there must be a bus to hsr to and fro from hebbal I have seen 500...

Thank you so much for so much info.

Anonymous said...

thank u v much for the service..its much much better than the BMTC official website.

Dileep said...

Amazing work Binu, wonder how u got know abt all these routes and buses.. really awesome..
I too need an info buddy, I work near Agara and stay in Peenya, so need to know the buses(preferably Volvo) and their timings..
Morning : From Majestic/Shivajinagar/KR Market to Agara
Evenining: From Agara to Majestic/Shivajinagar/KR Market

Anonymous said...

Any bus service from H.s.r bda complex to hsr layout sector 1 (27th main)? Taking an auto everyday is costly and the distance is not walkable too. :(


Hi Dude,
Can you please let me know the best way to reach koramangala 1st block from silkboard junction.

Anonymous said...

great job, thank you for taking the time and effort to help others. wonderful to know people actually can and do spend time for others. made my day. thank you again.

binux said...

ParangiPalya to Sarjapur road: Take any bus from ParangiPalya (340 series) to Agara and use 342 series to Sarjapur road.

Jayanagar 4th block to HSR BDA: Check the nearest location where you can get 500 series routes.

Leela/Old airport road: BIA to Domlur and changing from there is the best bet. Long route otherwise: BDA to Agara or Silk Board, change to get to Koramangala water tank/Madivala, change again to 201 series to Domlur, change again to old airport road route to Leela. Not worth it.

Peenya to Agara: I think heading to Majestic will be best. Routes 340 to 342 will get you to Agara. There are some air-conditioned Marcopolo buses on the 342 route.

HSR BDA to 27th main: Connectivity within HSR is pretty bad. There are the rare 348F/Vidhan Soudha buses in the mornings and evenings but you have to figure out the timings yourself. Buses on the ring road can get you till Agara. A feeder route (FDR series) between BTM and HSR was supposed to start this month, but I haven't see it yet.

Silk Board to Koramangala 1st block: Two options:
1. 201 from BTM side will drop you at Koramangala water tank bus stop. Use 171, 340, 341 or 342 series to get to 1st block from there.
2. Longer route: use 500 series to get to Agara. Switch to 340, 341, 342 or G-2 to get to 1st block from there.

Anonymous said...

Has the F2B feeder service from HSR to BTM started operating? More info about the feeder service can be found here -->


Shri H said...

Hi Binu, Good work on this blog. I work with HSR Federation (union of 7 sectors Resident Welfare associations), we have a website for the locals www.hsrfederation.org, we will be putting link to your blog. Also, it would be good if you engage with the federation, who are working with BMTC to add/extend bus routes in HSR Layout. You can contact me on my email id.


binux said...

You can link to the post or put the content directly on your site if you so wish. I would definitely like to engage with the federation on transport issues. I couldn't find your e-mail ID on the site though.

priya said...

CAN U PLS TEL ME HOW TO GO TO nift from bangalore city railway station. im new to this place. gimme an easy bus route since im comin to blore for first time

enna said...

hi binux, i too am new to bangalore, and i dnt know much here.1> i need to go to my classes in indira nagar (kfc signal) from ITPL road (near L&T) and vice versa.
2> to langford road(bellary) from same as above.
please as u could really solve my major problem tht i am facing,since u know so much abt the routes.thnx

Anonymous said...

hey..can you plz tell me the best way to get to NIMHANS from trinity circle? Please include the bus numbers and route too.Thanks!!

Sangavi said...

Great post and very useful for ppl who are new to a route. I travel from outer ring road to Shivaji nagar.

141K - 8:45AM at Agara (Sarjapura). You can get the same bus in the evening at 5:15 from Shivaji nagar bus stand.

G2 is frequent but there are days when they really ditch you.

There is a G2 that leaves Mayo hall at 5:30PM for people who leave early.

I am planning to try the BIA-7A as Binu has suggested.

JK said...

Thank you so much - this is really useful for so many people - 3 cheers for Binux!!!

Anonymous said...

from sarjapur road(wipro)to k h road double road which bus number is available?

Anonymous said...

Hi Binu,

This post is such a blessing; thank you so much.

I stay close to Manamapalaya & BDA Complex. I travel regularly to Madivala, Forum, Jayanagar 8th Block (Sangam Circle), Garuda Mall/Bangalore Central, Commercial Street. Please help me with Volvo Bus routes and its frequency. I usually travel between 11am to 5pm. Also if you know which bus can get me back to HSR BDA post 8pm, it would really help me. Thank you so much Binu.

dhanya said...

Hi i m new to blore...Cud u pls tell the direction(bus nos. If possible) to reach forum mall from dell/embassy golf links

Anonymous said...

hey binu youve done a lot of people a big favour with this article! thank you so much!
just one query i live in HSR layout 2nd sector parangipalya since the past week. could you tell me which bus will take me to st johns or koramangala water tank in the shortest possible time and also how frequent are these buses? thanking you

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful info.

How much time it takes usually from HSR BDA complex to BIAL?

Thanks in advance.

binux said...

Answers for queries since my last comment:

NIFT from city station: Head to the city bus stand across the road from the railway station. Ask around for the bus bay where buses towards Sarjapur start. 340 A/M go towards NIFT. Alternative routes: Use 341/342 series to reach Agara and hire an auto from there. All the info you need is in the main post.

Not familiar with Indiranagar and ITPL areas to offer route suggestions.

NIMHANS from Trinity: Walk down to the junction of Brigade road and Residency Road. Use G4 that starts from there to get to Dairy circle. Other options: Use any bus heading to KBS or KR Market from Trinity to get to Richmond road and walk to Vellara junction to get G4. You can also try 161 series and route numbers between 340 and 365 from ShivajiNagar. There are buses from Trinity to ShivajiNagar bus station.

Wipro Office (Sarjapur road) to Double road (KH road): Any 342 series bus heading to KBS (Majestic) and most buses to ShivajiNagar will go via Double road. You can also use 342 series buses heading to K R Market or St. Johns and change over to buses heading to KBS from Madivala. There are plenty of buses from Hosur road to KBS that you can get from Madivala/St. Johns, Dairy circle or Lakkasandra.

Buses from Mangammanpalaya/BDA complex: All the info you need is in the main post. After 8 pm, your best bet is to get to the ring road stretch between BTM and Silk board. There are lots of buses heading to HSR depot after their last trip (boards will read Depot 25 or Silk board via HSR layout). These go via BDA complex.

EGL to Forum: 201 series buses will get you to Koramangala water tank or Madiwala. Walk to Forum from water tank or get another bus (most routes except 201) from Madiwala to Forum.

Parangipalya to St. Johns or water tank: All the 340 series routes in the main post. Frequency will be poor at times. Plenty of buses if you can get to Agara (341, 342 series).

HSR BDA to BIAL: Normal running time varies from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the traffic. BIA 7A that I use at 8:50 am manages to get to the airport by 10:45 during peak traffic. It takes about 30 minutes for the bus to get past the Sony World junction.

Shashank said...

Hi Binu,
Thats a very useful information that you have put up, thnks a ton for that man.

Hey i stay near HSR BDA complex, and my workplace is near koramangala Forum. Could you please tell me which Bus route to board.
I would really appreciate your help.

binux said...

BIA-7 from HSR BDA complex leaves every hour in the mornings. Timings are listed here: http://bmtcinfo.com/site/BSBusServicesRouteDetailsTime.jsp?bsserviceid=1

Of late I have also seen buses on the K3 route (Koramangala to BasaveshwaraNagar) stationed at BDA complex in the mornings (around 9). You can check the timings with the conductors.

Both these buses will drop you in front of Staples, near Forum.

If the frequency of these buses isn't good enough, head to ring road and get 500 series buses to Agara. Most buses from Agara (except G2) will go via Forum.

sububack said...

Don't we have a Bike / Two Wheeler stand in HSR Layout near to any bus-stops (Agara / BDA )

binux said...

Don't know of any near Agara, but I do see a lot of commuters parking their cars and bikes inside the BDA complex compound in the mornings.

Srinivas said...

Awesome work.. very useful information.. keep it up :))... I work in e-city.. could you pls tell me if there is a bus from HSR BDA or Parangipalya to Bommanahalli?


k k radhakrishnan said...


Ann said...

Thanks a lot for the wonderful piece of info u have uploaded.I would like to know if there is a direct bus route from HSR Layout which takes me to Lakeside Hospital in St John's Road near Ulsoor Lake

Ayushi said...

Hey ..good post .
I stay near power station in HSR Layout sec 2 and my office is in EGL next stop from EJIPURA and before DOMLUR. Is there any direct bus service

binux said...

There's no direct bus to bommanahalli side from parangipalya. Get to ring road and use bias 8 or 505, else use 500 to silk board and change buses from there.

There's 340t occasionally towards jayanagar. You will be better off getting a bus from ring road.

For lakeside, ulsoor use bia 7a from bda complex to trinity circle and change buses from there.

No direct bus from sector 2 to egl . Use bia7a from bda complex.

Surya said...

The information you provided is very useful. Could you let me know how to reach HSR layout sector 2 19th main,27th cross from silkboard. If I reach agara, then what all busesshould i get to reach my place?? Please reply.

Surya said...

The information you provided is very useful. Could you let me know how to reach HSR layout sector 2 19th main,27th cross from silkboard. If I reach agara, then what all buses should i get to reach my place?? Please reply.

Anonymous said...

Nice work guys... can you please help me with the bus numbers from Christ Collge to Jaksnadra ( Koramangala 1st Block)

binux said...

Silk board to 19th main 27th cross:
Option 1:
348 series to Mangammanapalya and walk from there. There's one 348 series bus that I've found near the Hanuman temple in the evenings. Check with the driver if you see that bus and a comment here with what you find.
500 series to Agara. 340 A/M/K/S to Parangipalya and walk from there.

Christ College to Jakkasandra: 340, 341 and 342 series, 171, K-3, BIA-7

Raj said...

I am new to bangalore and this info is found very useful. Can i get a help. My office is in Vrindavan tech village, Marthalli Outer ring road and stays at 9th main, 26th cross, sector 7, hsr layout. How can i commute in this route. is there any direct options?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Binu,

Can you help me with the best route to reach Cunningham Road or Indian Express point (near Cunningham Road) from HSR Layout Sector 2? Appreciate your help.


Shri H said...

Hi Binu,

I have added your blog as link to HSR federation website under citizen links - http://www.hsrfederation.org/.

May be you can come meet the HSR federation transport committee who work with BMTC to improve the bus services in HSR layout. Reach me at shrivh@gmail.com


Anonymous said...


God bless you!

swathi said...

Can you please suggest me the bus route from HSR sector-2,12th cross,28th Main to Jaydeva as I don't think there is any availability of direct buses till Bannergatta Road?

Appreciate your help.


binux said...

9th main, 26th cross to Vrindavan Tech Park: There is no direct bus. Walk up to the ring road and use any 500 series bus. You can also hop on to 348 series buses that ply on 9th main to get to the ring road.

Sector 2 to Indian Express: Use 340 F/S to get to ShivajiNagar and walk or use a bus from there. You can also use BIA 7/7A from BDA complex to get to GPO and walk from there.

Sector 2 to Jayadeva: 340T might go there directly but I don't see that bus regularly. Use any 340 series bus to get to Agara and switch to 500A, 500C, 500K or any other 500 series buses that go to Banashankari. All of them go via Jayadeva.

Anonymous said...

need a bus from hebbal (orr)- madivala tommorow i have to go....i have to reach there by 8:30-9pm that time please suggest??

binux said...

Hebbal (ORR) to Madivala:
Option 1: 500A/500D/BIA-8/BIA-8A from Hebbal to Agara. 340/341/342/G-2 from Agara to Madivala checkpost.
Option 2: Go up to Silk Board from Hebbal (same bus routes). Walk a bit to the bus stop on Hosur road (on the right after you alight at Silk Board). Any bus from there to Madivala.
Going through the city instead of the ring road might be better on regular days, but the roads will be choked on Friday.

Vimal Prabhakaran said...

Great Work. Highly appreciated!!!

manish 'satyakaam' pandey said...

Hi Binu..I will be relocating to Banglaore in a couple of months,the thing is My wife's office is in Electronic city while my office is location in whitefield and cunninghum road.
I am planning to take rental home in HSR layout as it looks likes a better compromise.
Could you please suggest if commuting from HSR (Sector 1,2,3 or 7) is better to these locations...
thanks a lot in advance for your expert advice :)

Anonymous said...

i hv flight @6:30am...i hv to to trvl frm hsr bia7....wat s d strt tym n hw long does it tks to rch airpirt frm hsr by bia7???
Hw to rch by 5:45at airprt???
Plz help..
Thnx in adv:-)

binux said...

Manish: Bus connectivity within most parts of HSR layout is poor. You will be better off finding a place within reasonable walking distance from on the bus stops on the ring road. There are plenty of direct buses towards WhiteField plying on the ring road. Buses to Electronics city are available from Silk Board. There are plenty of buses on the ring road that go to Silk Board junction.

Anonymous: BIA 7 services start at 4:20 or 4:30 as far as I know. Confirm this with the bus crew in advance. Don't take my word for it. The normal running time to the airport is 1 hour 45 minutes for buses starting at 8 or 9 am. The early morning bus should get you there sooner. There is BIA 8 that starts earlier from Electronics City. I have used it once for an early morning flight. It passes through the ring road. Contact the numbers listed here to confirm the timings: http://bmtcinfo.com/site/BSBusServicesDetails.jsp?bsserviceid=1

Anonymous said...


Which bus to catch to go Kodihalli from HSR layout BDA complex?? can u help please.

Anonymous said...

How to reach ICICI manipal acedamy chokkanhali from majestic railway station.

which bus i should take

Anonymous said...

How to go to residency road from hsr layout. Please let us know the bus routes.

binux said...

Kodihalli (assuming the one on Airport road): BIA-7A from HSR BDA complex to Domlur bridge. Request a stop under the bridge. Kodihalli is a short walk from there. On the return direction use 330/331/335/G-1 to get to Domlur bus stop to get BIA-7A. Refer the post for BIA-7A timings. Alternate route to get to Domlur: K3/K5 to Sony World and 201 from there to Domlur.

Residency road: BIA-7 from HSR BDA goes directly to complex to Cash Pharmacy junction on Residency road. 340S from ParangiPalya via 27th main touches Residency road at St. Joseph's PU college. Most schedules of 340F and 348F go to Cash pharmacy junction. 340 A/M go up to double road. Switch buses from there to reach residency road.

Amar said...

how can we raech at banergatta park?

binux said...

To reach bannerghatta national park, you can use 340 series buses to get to dairy circle (NIMHANS) and cross over to the other side to board route 365. Another option is to use the 500 series buses from the ring road to get to Jayadeva hospital junction, walk over to the bus stop opposite Gopalan mall to board route 365.

Anonymous said...

Hi Binux,

Need help with to n fro commute to Trinity cirle from HSR Layout.

I can catch the bus from BDA Complex, Agara or NIFT.

Please help with best bus route and bus number.

Anonymous said...

Direct bus route would be best.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Benny, I live in HSR Layout sector 2 near NIFT college. Could you guide me on which buses I could take to reach Dell Office Domlur and from office back to NIFT bus stop. I am new to Bangalore and have been spending a lot in auto rickshaws. Thank you

Akshatha said...

Any buses from agara sarjapur road to this address? Sai Ram Arcade, IInd Floor, #427, 27th Main,1st Sector HSR Layout.
I come from koramangala sony world signal get down in agara.. Is there a way to go 24th main and walk a little to first sector 27th main?