Thursday, March 17, 2005

Engaging Week

On Tuesday I got a mail asking me to confirm my participation in the code jam finals. That kept me grinning for a while. But on Wednesday I was grinning from ear to ear all through the day. I think I still am. I'm now formally engaged to be married to Preethi.

The engagement was a family affair at Preethi's home. Her uncle asked everyone present if there were any objections to the match. How could there be? Anyway, I glanced menacingly across the room just to be sure (OK. I'm kidding). After that both our horoscopes were tied into a bundle and presented to my uncle and the date of the wedding was announced. Simple. The wedding is on the morning of April 22nd (9 to 9:15 am) in Bangalore. No more details here. That should get some of you to write to me. You'll see me soon with the invitations.

Engagement snaps here:


sudeep said...

WOW !! Congrats dude !! :-) was it an arranged match or u got adventurous :-D

all the best ! :-)

pani said...

Congratulation dude!

Another one down!

Pratyoosh said...

congrats man!!!