Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bats 'n Balls... ;)

Captures from around the rented house that I was staying in recently.

There are plenty of these bats around the place. Always seem to be nibbling on some strange berry like fruit. Their business hours start in the evening. This particular one made the porch light holder its office (no clue where it roosts in the day). Harmless creature, except for the mess it created every night right at the door step. On the day I took this shot, he didn't notice us coming in. Had to set the flash and focus manually. The focus assist lamp would have disturbed the fellow otherwise. There's one visiting our balcony in the new house too.

Had my camera handy when this one passed by one day. When you get opportunities like this, you realize why camera startup times, focus speeds and shutter lag are important.


Siddharth said...

Bats and Balls.... hahaha!! Nice title. The second photo reminded me of 'Bollywood calling' (seen it?) Om Puri says "Balls! Balls! .... I want more balls in frame!" :)

Madhu said...

He hee !!

Sunil said...

Hi seems like these Nocturnal one's dont leave you in peace.. Nice catch...good picture. Have you seen a White Bat as yet :) Call the Ace Ventura...Shikaka