Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UN Flag, Flat Earth, Discworld

What does the United Nations flag have to do with a flat Earth theory? Lots apparently. Take a look at the Flat Earth Society Forum's FAQ. Yes, there are people who hold on to that belief. The UN logo closely resembles the map of the Earth proposed by the society and it is also used as evidence of a conspiracy to cover up the truth.

I stumbled upon the site when I was looking up DiscWorld on the Net. I just finished my first Disworld novel (Thud!) and I'm hooked. Explore the portal on Wikipedia to get a taste of what the books are about.


Dhar said...

Pratchett is God. The ratings below might help you decide which novel to read next:

The Colour of Magic 7.51
The Light Fantastic 7.63
Equal Rites 7.51
Mort. 7.81
Sourcery 7.58
Wyrd Sisters 7.85
Pyramids. 7.42
Guards! Guards! 8.08
Eric. 7.52
Moving Pictures 7.64
Reaper Man 8.29
Witches Abroad 7.96
Small Gods 8.05
Lords and Ladies 7.73
Men at Arms 8.27
Soul Music 7.97
Interesting Times 8.43
Maskerade 7.85
Feet of Clay 7.81
Hogfather 6.95
Jingo 6.96
The Last Continent 5.79
Carpe Jugulum 6.28
The Fifth Elephant 6.74
The Truth. 6.50

Rating from

binux said...

Thanks Dhar. I'll pick up Mort or Reaper Man next.